Progressive Brush: 3 essential cares

The progressive brush is one of the most used hair styling procedures by women. And even though it has been done for a long time and by many people, there are still many doubts regarding the procedure.

How it works ? 
The progressive brush acts by changing the structure of the wires so that they are smoother and more malleable, in addition to reducing the volume.

The procedure has an excellent duration and is ideal for women who want to leave their hair looking more silky and shiny.

Like any aesthetic procedure, the progressive brush needs a lot of care. Therefore, we have listed for you 3 essential cares for your procedure to last much longer and be a success!

Wash in moderation!
The time of the first wash can vary according to the type of progressive chosen. In some cases it is already possible to wash on the same day, in others it is necessary to wait two or three days.

In addition, it is important not to overdo the washes. The ideal is that the hair is washed every other day, since washing the hair decreases the effect of the progressive.

Also try to use shampoos with neutral pH instead of products.

Hydration is a strong ally of the progressive brush. Therefore, it is important not to leave it out! It will be responsible for helping to seal the capillary cuticles and will make the procedure more lasting.

Try to do weekly hydrations, alternating between nutritious hair masks and homemade hydrations.

Speaking of homemade hydration, be sure to check out Aline's Instagram, our Technical Director, to check out some valuable tips to rock!

Choose your shampoo well!
To make the progressive brush have a prolonged effect, choosing a good shampoo is very important! Anti-residue shampoos, for example, should be avoided, as they open the hair cuticle.

The ideal is to use products without salt and slightly acidic and mild, with a pH between 4.5 and 5.5.

Oh, and if you can make a pre-poo, applying a mask or oil on the threads before washing with shampoo.

These little tips are essential for you to keep your progression well maintained and with more lasting effects.

Do you want to make a progressive brush? Here at Sorali you will find a complete line of products without formaldehyde, such as Filmo Therapy and Therapy Liss, products that have powerful actives that smooth, nourish and moisturize, leaving your hair wonderful.

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