Produce quality content to build customer loyalty

Today, companies no longer exist just physically. The internet has become a great business ally, but you need to know

how to attract more customers and still retain them through quality content. The beauty market, for example, continues to grow and with so much competition, nothing better than to differentiate yourself not only with the services offered in the space. You can also be known for what it offers on the internet!

Janaina Hassim, specialist in Communication, Marketing and Sales and CEO of ConsultMKT and Rede Beauty Brasil, says that marketing is no longer the same and digital is gaining more strength. "Having a digital presence and quality content will certainly help the entrepreneur to have visibility and more customers", he comments.

If you are unable to maintain several social networks with content in the beginning, choose only one and focus on its success, since each has its peculiarities and formats. Hairdressers and makeup artists, for example, are opting for Instagram, as the tool gives more prominence to the photos. Below are some tips that will make a difference in the success of your internet business.

1 - Pay attention to the profile picture and also to the name. According to Janaina Hassim, these two points are essential for users to find their account easily.

2 - Use the hashtags correctly and not randomly. Do a previous research and put yourself in the customer's shoes.

3 - Give tips and innovate in the content. Showing what others already show will not help you. Start presenting the backstage of your salon or any transformation.

4 - Create posts with more content, but don't forget the stories. The darling is now a great way to engage the audience. In the quarantine period, many lives happened and it is certainly a fashion that has already 'caught on'.

5 - Janaina Hassim says that if you don't have time to take care of different networks, just create posts to be shared and for followers to tag their friends. “Through copyrighted content on other social networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, blog, you will also get more audience and, consequently, relevance and authority”, concludes the professional.

Stay tuned to the periodicity of the posts and if you still have doubts, rest assured. Soon, here on the Blog we will provide more tips for you to increase the visibility of your business on social networks.

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