How to use the dryer and flat iron correctly

That the hairdryer and the flat iron are part of the daily hair care routine of some women is no secret to anyone. But did you know that the continued use of these accessories without proper care can cause more damage than stronger chemical in the locks?

Although it seems simple or something that anyone can do, it is necessary to be very careful before dealing with high temperatures directly on the strands, as this process can dry the hair, cause the dreaded frizz to appear or even cause the appearance of split ends , culminating in the breaking of the wires. Therefore, we will now list some basic precautions to always take before using the dryer or flat iron.

Using the dryer correctly
First, it is essential to protect the hair before exposing it to high temperatures. The use of post-wash products that offer thermal protection is the best way to protect the wires before starting to use the dryer. Apply the thermal protector with the hair still damp, spreading well throughout the length of the hair so that your hair and even the scalp are protected.

Sorali Cosmetic has a “wild card” product that, among other benefits, also offers perfect protection to the hair: the Termic Gloss Just Sofistic.

The second step is to dry your damp hair. One should not wait for the hair to be practically dry to finish drying with the use of the dryer, as this favors the appearance of frizz when opening the cuticles of the strands more than necessary. The ideal is to wash, remove excess water with the towel and start using the dryer.

The third important step is to take care when using the dryer to not throw excess hot wind at the root of the hair. Excessive heat directly on the scalp stimulates the production of sebum, making the strands look heavy with greasiness even after they have been washed. It is the same principle as why we should not wash our hair with hot water.

And finally, always finish drying with a jet of cold air along the entire length of the wires. This cold wind at the end will help to keep the cuticles of the strands more closed, making sure that in addition to holding hydration for longer, it also prevents frizz from appearing.

Using the flat iron correctly
As with the use of the dryer, it is always good to apply thermal protection to the wires before boarding them, especially at the ends. Our recommendation is to use the Termic Gloss so that the wires are perfectly protected from high temperatures.

The second step is to adjust the temperature of your board so that it is not too hot or too cold. Some board models offer temperatures that exceed 200 ° C, but the recommended for those who use the flat iron frequently on the wires is that it does not exceed 180 ° C to avoid burning the hair and causing it to break.

In contrast, if the board has a temperature below 180 ° C this will require it to be passed more times on each strand, causing the hair to dry out and the frizz to appear. Another thing that causes this same effect is to flatten thicker strands of hair in an attempt to finish straightening straight away. The ideal is to plan thin strands with about 3 passes of the flat iron per strand at most.

The third step is always to slide the flat iron along the length of the hair, not allowing the heat to act in excess in certain parts of the hair, which in addition to burning the hair will also leave the hair marked. And to finish, do not pin the hair right after the end of straightening, while the hair is still hot. That's because anything that puts pressure on the wires will end up leaving them marked and spoiling your work.

Two things must also be taken into account if you do not dispense with the use of the flat iron:

- Never straighten hair that is dirty or full of products, as the high temperature of the board can cause dirt and these residues of creams, leave-ins, etc. to be incorporated into the threads, leaving them more oily and fragile. In addition, there is the possibility of toasting your hair, literally! So always straighten clean and dry hair!

- Avoid using the flat iron daily, because even with excellent thermal protection and all the right care, there is still the possibility of hair breakage due to the fragility caused by high temperature and continuous boarding movements.

Hydration is key
If you are adept at using the hairdryer and flat iron regularly, it is also essential that you become adept at using the capillary schedule, especially hydrating the hair at least once a week, to prevent your hair from becoming dry and lifeless.

And if it is still difficult to maintain healthy hair, the quickest and most efficient way to solve this problem is to seek the professional help of a hairdresser you trust. There are hydrations for professional use in beauty salons that can be done weekly, or every 15 or 20 days, depending on the type of hair and the size of the damage.

Sorali Cosmetic has a specific maintenance line for hydrating and revitalizing dry and damaged hair, the Just Sofistic line. This line offers a professional moisturizing treatment that maps the structure of the hair fiber and penetrates the hair with greater ease, as it has a more liquid aspect.

The Just Sofistic line was developed with powerful assets such as Ginger, Tucumã and Vitamin E, that's why it is able to strengthen the threads, moisturize and end dryness from the first application, giving healthy, soft and shiny hair from root to tip, even if you're the type of person who can't live without the hairdryer and the flat iron!

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