How to keep beautiful colored hair !?

Keeping healthy colored hair is not always an easy task, is it? And we know that beautiful hair is synonymous with healthy hair !!

We will give several unmissable tips on how to keep colored hair much more beautiful and consequently healthier, for much longer !! So unleash your imagination and innovate in hair color with safety and practicality. Sorali has the Aquarela Mix line that is special for the daily care of colored hair and with cutting edge technology colors and bleaches without mistreating the strands.

Let's get the tips? !!

Before tincture

Apply a good moisturizing mask two weeks before using the coloring, even at home, the hair will be more resistant to receive the dye. The Daily Therapy mask is perfect for that! Always use professional dyes as the pigments are better attached to the strands. In order not to become a slave to the monthly retouch, ask the professional to do the procedure without marking the root so much!

For washing

Always use cold water, even on cold days, at least try to wash your hair with cold water, as it closes the hair cuticles which makes your hair maintain much more the shape, lowers the frizz and leaves even the colored hair much nicer. Use specific products for dyed yarns, they prevent the oxidation of pigments, consequently, fading. Much less use deep cleansing shampoo as it opens the hair cuticles and makes the chemical last less in the hair. Shampoo and conditioner for Aquarela Mix colored hair contain enriching actives, with antioxidant and regenerating power, which guarantee even more resistance, nutrition and hydration of your hair.

Avoid washing every day, as the hair needs natural oil, and try to dry it with the daily wash, if possible give two days between the washings. Also remember that this can fade the strands and you will need to touch up more often.

Care when combing

Without hurrying to comb the threads, this only damages the locks that are more fragile and vulnerable to breakage. Start from the bottom up, untangling the ends first and then the root, doing this when applying the conditioner in the bath greatly facilitates untangling.

Hydration care

All types of hair need water and nutrients replacement, so make your hair schedule! The blond hair is more fragile, and the lighter the more damaged the hair is, if you dyed it red, blond, colored, or just a light brunette, it doesn't matter, investing in these three processes, hydration, nutrition and reconstruction, is very important to have well-maintained and healthy hair! Replace the conditioner with a moisturizing mask at least once a week, hydrated wires keep the color for longer as well as being soft and brighter. Cauterization seals the cuticles, fixes the tincture and even helps to return the keratin that the strands lost due to the chemical. Also use toning masks.

Finishes with thermal protection are indispensable to prevent oxidation of paint pigments. The Termic Gloss is perfect for finishing, besides protecting the threads it helps to seal the split ends.

Avoid flat iron and babyliss daily

Try to use only on special occasions, replace with a leave-in that makes your hair more structured and beautiful. The heat of these devices is bad for the wires, especially the colored ones, and of course, if used frequently, the damage will be greater.

Beware of excess chemistry

If you chose coloring, then avoid other chemicals !! This can be your greatest ally to keep your hair healthy. Straightening, whitening, constant touch-up among others, do only what is necessary, and if necessary, give the wire time to recover!

The most important of all this is that you feel good and happy with your locks, do not get carried away by the opinion of others, just be yourself !!
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