Find out how to organize your salon finances

Having your own business is not an easy task, especially when it comes to money. So today, we ask: do you know how important it is to control all the inputs and outputs of each of your resources?

Many beauty salon owners do not engage in planning and, when they do, it is informal. But, we have separated some tips to help you now and have great financial results in the future. Check out!

1 - Manage your money

The owner of the salon needs to know how much enters the cashier and how much leaves, because if he does not know, he will never know if the business is making a profit or loss. Use spreadsheets in excel, they can be very useful, since with this care it is possible to analyze several important points, such as the most used forms of payment to pay suppliers and also the receipt of customers.

2 - Analyze the market

It is essential to know the branch that will act. It is necessary to understand in which periods the hall will have more movement and which will be quieter. All this to know how to build your stock and not have waste. Controlling the use of products and tools is very important.

3 - Team training

When it comes to training, we immediately think of spending, but it's the opposite. When you don't have a well-trained team, no tips will be enough to be successful in business.

4 - Organize finances in the pandemic

For Ivete Oliveira, hairdresser and salon owner, the tip is to review the plans and adapt as soon as possible. “Plan for a drop in

appointments, since the hours will be reduced so that there is no crowding of people within the environment. Also, review your cash flow, as many beauty professionals do not know how to calculate fixed and variable costs. A mistake made by many owners is not having a separate relationship between personal and company costs ”, comments Ivete.

With the reopening of salons, map out expenditures that can be cut and renegotiate debts before they appear. Only take out loans if you really need to.

Tools in your favor
Some platforms can help organize your salon's finances and Ivete gave one more tip. “There are several tools for beauty professionals that help with the financial system. I use AVEC which offers services such as: online scheduling, promotions, campaigns, discount club, automatic inventory management, automatic commission payment and calculation, cash flow solutions, among others ”.

Final tips for organizing finances:

Need more money right now? So, check out more tips from professional Ivete Oliveira below.

Sale of promotional packages for future assistance;
Offer your services at home during this period, but don't forget to charge for the cost of transportation;
Try partnerships with companies and suppliers.
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