Difference between progressive, sealing and Botox

Understand how each procedure works

The beauty area offers a series of treatments to make our locks even more beautiful. There are so many existing techniques that we end up getting confused when applying in the salon. Or, perhaps, due to lack of knowledge, we ended up submitting to the wrong procedure and, in the end, comes the feeling of “it wasn't exactly what I wanted”.

You can't be wrong with that kind of thing. Asking for a botox or sealing and going out with a progressive on the wires can leave any customer dissatisfied. So that there is no confusion, we will show you the difference between each of these procedures so that you are aware of what you want to do when you arrive at the salon.

What is progressive?
If you have wavy, curly or curly hair and want to change the look in an impactful way, the best is the progressive one. This technique completely changes the structure of the hair, smoothing the capillary structure.
The progressive brush is a method to smooth, reduce the volume and decrease the frizz of the locks. The effect of the technique can be progressive or permanent, depending on the technique and product used. Thus, it is only necessary to retouch the grown root: around 3 to 4 months we will have a root that allows the professional to work in a safer and healthier way for your hair.
Progressive ones generally use about 0.2% formaldehyde. This determination was limited by ANVISA, since larger quantities cause serious damage to the health of people who use or manipulate the product.
The good news is that there are on the market Progressives totally free of formaldehyde, capable of smoothing your hair in a healthy way. A good product, in addition to not containing formaldehyde in its composition, also has active treatment. Processed hair with progressive of dubious quality tends to get dry, with fine tips and without shine.
So that this does not happen, our suggestion is the progressive, developed with the latest technology, which treats the hair before and during the transformation of the strands. This product contains bamboo extract, hyaluronic acid, Shea butter bio.ester and hydrolyzed keratin in its composition.
For daily care, we recommend, containing, in its formulation, bamboo extract, hyaluronic acid, vegetable keratin, sodium PCA  complex, which intensely treats the hair, disciplines, protects against chemical aggressions and promotes the smoothing . This line is also an excellent indication for hair that has excessive volume and frizz.

What is straightening?
If you have bulky, damaged, brittle, frizzy or in need of intensive treatment, the tip is sealing. It is often confused with the progressive, but the objectives are different.
Capillary sealing has the function of sealing the cuticles of the hair, eliminating that aspect of porous, dry and dull hair. We recommend the treatment line, which promotes high cuticular sealing power, nutrition, hydration and revitalization.
In addition, it contains noble actives, such as quaternized Dexpanthenol, keratin and diamond extract, among other actives that recover the health of the hair in a single application.
To keep the locks always aligned, reconstructed and with that reflective shine, we recommend

What is Capillary Botox?
It is a treatment that replenishes the lost hair mass, leaving the hair more resistant, hydrated and aligned.
Due to the great demand for the name ‘’ Botox ’’ most brands add transformation assets to the formula to achieve a semi-smooth effect, that is, mass replacement plus volume reduction.
We suggest that, before carrying out any treatment with '' Botox '' effect, you should talk to your beauty professional and check if the product to be used will act only as a treatment (that is, it does not smooth, just replenishes the hair mass) or if you are going to do treatment + volume reduction (changing the natural structure of the hair).
To make your hair even more beautiful, we suggest the line, which offers differentiated care for the locks, promoting a polished effect, with no strands out of place, in addition to intense treatment and high shine, and does not alter the natural shape of the hair.
Once you know the difference between each of these procedures, evaluate your goals and make a rigorous analysis of your hair with a good professional. And, in need of the best hair care products, you can always count on us.

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